One of the big shifts this past year was a returning to a path I had given up on. In 2012, when I started my first college experience at the Evergreen State College, I didn't know what I wanted to do in my life. As an artist, I knew that art and creativity would always be present in my life in some way. Elsewise I had no idea. Not a very uncommon experience for young people, I know. I let myself go with what sounded interesting at the time (a worthy place to start). I don't regret



Distilling experiences, imaginings, and life into words is always the hardest part. It is startlingly and frustratingly easy for me to be intimidated by my thoughts, my call, my urge to share and talk about what goes on in the deepest parts of myself. Mind and soul. Shadowy voices start chiming at the back of my head 'why bother?' 'no one cares' 'don't be so self centered'. I feel a sense of shame but it doesn't feel like my own. Or rather, it doesn't feel like it comes from my self. Those shaming voices sound an awful lot like my mother and my sister.

Creative Healing Through Practice

A five-card journaling tarot spread using the Numinous Tarot by Numinous Spirit Press Whenever I feel stuck, my journaling and tarot practice support me through the process. The key to its power is that it is a practice. I set aside time for it. I have been honing my practice for years, allowing it to … Continue reading Creative Healing Through Practice

Act Two as a Writer and Healer

"Without the storms and rains, Life would cease to be." Let me draw a parallel between writing and bringing forth healing within yourself. One of my creative outlets is writing queer fantasy. Not only for pleasure but as thought experiments to test out situations, process challenging feelings, and figure out how to hold delicate truths … Continue reading Act Two as a Writer and Healer

Dream: The Childhood Mire

Photo by Petr Ganaj: https://www.pexels.com/photo/lily-pad-in-pond-water-in-summer-day-4087144/ I am in my childhood farmhouse with my current partner and my mother and sister. We are all on the main floor where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all connected. My sister tells me that I need to take all the books from the library because she … Continue reading Dream: The Childhood Mire